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CNC Milling of Aluminum FRL Bracket for the Pneumatics Industry


A client recently contracted TMF, Incorporated to manufacture a series of FRL brackets. Used within a pneumatics application, these brackets were constructed based off a customer-supplied, 2D print in order to meet our client's precise product requirements. Using our advanced milling machinery, which met an extremely tight (+/-) .005 of an inch precision tolerance, we built each unit to measure precisely 2 inches in length, 7-1/4 inches in width, and 1/8 of an inch in thickness. Each part also weighed approximately 5 ounces. Machining operations included milling the bracket's profile and slots, as well as drilling and countersinking all holes at precise locations.

The FRL brackets were constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum material and were provided a black anodized finish, which endowed the brackets with increased weather and corrosion resistance. This high-quality coating met all plating specifications. We also built each part to possess a low profile.

After manufacturing was complete, we then measured all hole locations to ensure that every bracket met with our client's precise specifications. We then shipped all 150 units to our customer's facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Our ROHS certified operations fulfilled all of our client's high expectations for quality service.

Product Description:                                                       This black anodized FRL Bracket is used within 

                                                                                       a pneumatic application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

                                                                                       CNC Milling




Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:

                                                                                       Milling Machine

Overall Part Dimensions:

                                                                                       General length, width, Thickness  1/8" x 2" x 7 ¼"

Tightest Tolerances:

                                                                                       +/- 0.005

Material Used:

                                                                                       6061-T6 Aluminum

Surface Finish:



                                                                                       Black anodized


                                                                                       Low profile 

Typical Machining Operations:

                                                                                       CNC Milling:

                                                                                       Mill profile

                                                                                       Mill Slots 


                                                                                       Counter Sink

In process testing performed:

                                                                                       Measure hole location

Estimated Part Weight:

                                                                                       5 oz

Industry for Use:



                                                                                       150 pcs

Delivery Location:

                                                                                       Bloomfield, CT

Standards Met:

                                                                                       Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

                                                                                       RoHS Compliant

                                                                                       Any other standards met? Plating spec

Product Name:

                                                                                       FRL Bracket

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