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Custom Machined Aluminum Hydraulic Segment for Pneumatics Industry


TMF completed work for a client involving an Aluminum Hydraulic Segment for the hydraulic/pneumatics industry. The 6061 aluminum part required maintenance, so TMF utilized CNC Milling, and then anodized plating once complete. This aluminum hydraulic segment is ROHS compliant and custom machined with +/- .003 tolerances.

Product Description:                                                   Maintenance related work on a Aluminum Hydraulic Segment.

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

                                                                                    CNC Milling



Overall Part Dimensions:

                                                                                       2.75” thick x 6” high x 23“ long

Tightest Tolerances:

                                                                                       +/- 0.003

Material Used:

                                                                                       6061-T6 Aluminum



Industry for Use:



Standards Met:

                                                                                       RoHS Compliant

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