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Custom Machined Brass Fitting for HVAC Climate Control


This brass fitting for the pneumatic industry was custom machined by TMF Inc using CNC milling, threading, and plating processes. The fitting was made to customer specifications using 360 free machining brass materials and a plastic cap so it could function effectively in a heating and cooling coil environment. After a quality review the brass fitting was delivered to a customer in Oxford, Connecticut. Contact TMF to learn more about our custom machining capabilities.

Product Description:

                                                                                       Brass Fitting for HVAC Climate Control

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

                                                                                       CNC Milling




Overall Part Dimensions:

                                                                                       .875 hex, 2.5” long

Tightest Tolerances:

                                                                                       +/- 0.003

Material Used:

                                                                                      360 Free Machining Brass

Industry for Use:


Standards Met:

                                                                                       RoHS Compliant

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