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CNC Turning of 360 Brass Chrome Barb for the Medical Industry

A medical industry client recently contracted TMF, Incorporated to build two hundred and fifty chrome barbs used within a sterile operating room for surgical applications. Using our advanced CNC turning and chrome plating capabilities, we were able to manufacture our customer's products, fulfilling all their project requirements.


Meeting a tight (+/-) .003 of an inch precision tolerance, TMF constructed this series of chrome barbs based on a customer-supplied, 2D print. We manufactured each barb from 360 brass material and employed our advanced CNC lathe to cut the parts to measure precisely 2 ½ inches in length and ¾ of an inch in outer diameter. We additionally conducted a number of machining operations to finish these parts, including facing, rough turning, finish turning, threading, and drilling.


After all requested barbs were manufactured, we then supplied the parts with a durable chrome plating and inspected our client's products for any flaws. Ensuring that all barbs fulfilled our customer's high expectations for quality, we packaged and shipped all two hundred and fifty finished units to our buyer's facility in Newington, Connecticut.

Product Description:                                                      This Chrome Barb is used within a sterile operating room

Capabilities Applied/Processes:                                    CNC Turning


                                                                                       Chrome Plating


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:


Overall Part Dimensions:

                                                                                       ¾" diameter x 2 ½" length

Tightest Tolerances:

                                                                                       +/- 0.003

Material Used:

                                                                                       360 Brass



Typical Machining Operations:

                                                                                       CNC Turning:


                                                                                       Rough Turn

                                                                                       Finish Turn



In process testing performed:

                                                                                       Thread size

Estimated Part Weight:

                                                                                       2 oz

Industry for Use:

                                                                                       Medical & Pneumatics


                                                                                       250 pcs

Delivery Location:

                                                                                       Newington, CT

Standards Met:

                                                                                       Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

                                                                                       RoHS Compliant

                                                                                       Any other standards met plating quality spec

Product Name:

                                                                                       Chrome Barb

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